Interacting With Sei
Signing Transactions

Signing Transactions


This guide provides instructions on how to sign both EVM and CosmWasm transactions on the Sei network using MetaMask. It also includes steps for viewing ERC20 tokens and ERC721 NFTs within the wallet.

Setting Up MetaMask for Sei

To set up MetaMask and connect to the Sei EVM Devnet, refer to the instructions on the Setting Up A Wallet page.

Signing Transactions

EVM Transactions

Signing an EVM transaction is straightforward and consistent across EVM chains. When an app initiates a transaction, it will prompt you for a signature through MetaMask, requiring your approval to proceed.

CosmWasm Transactions

Signing CosmWasm transactions will be nearly identical from the user experience. Under the hood, a process similar to signing EVM transactions occurs. The difference lies in the transaction targeting a Sei precompiled contract, where your approval via MetaMask is needed to execute the transaction. Smart contract developers will need to ensure that Metamask transactions target the precompiled contract.

Example of signing an EVM transaction

Example of EVM transaction signing

Example of signing a CosmWasm transaction

Example of CosmWasm transaction signing

Viewing Tokens

ERC20 Tokens

To view ERC20 tokens in MetaMask, the process mirrors that on other EVM chains. For tokens not automatically listed, you'll need to manually import them into your wallet. Detailed instructions can be found here (opens in a new tab).


Viewing NFTs in MetaMask requires manual addition. Follow the steps provided here (opens in a new tab) to add and view your NFTs in the wallet.

TokenFactory & CW20 Tokens

TokenFactory and CW20 tokens can only be visible in MetaMask if there's a pointer contract created for it. A pointer contract enables a native Sei token to be linked across CosmWasm and EVM through an ERC20 interface. Once created for a native token, you can import it as an ERC20 token using the steps above.

CW721 NFTs

Simarly, CW721 NFTs can only be visible in MetaMask if a pointer contract created for it. Once created, you can import it into your wallet like an standard ERC721 NFT.

Visit our Pointer Contract page to learn more.